February is the month of LOVE!!

Pursuing selflove
POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS is the key to self-love!!


Talk to Yourself Like Someone You Love Meaning

The mind is an amazing thing. It can either be your own best friend or your worst enemy! When things don’t go your way, your mind can either build you up, or give you a really, really hard time.


Talking to yourself like someone you love means using positive self-talk to build yourself up in the same way that you would if someone you love was going through a hard time.


We don’t always speak out loud when we talk to ourselves. But the words that we use (even if they are in our mind) make up the story we tell ourselves about the struggles and challenges that we face.


Choosing to speak positively about your strengths and areas for growth is an act of self-love that will help you overcome setbacks.

Loving on you daily!


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