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November 2022

How are YOU doing on your goals? If you’re struggling or they are a distant memory, I have 6 solid tips for you In this post.


And … if you’re on-track, these tips will help snowball your efforts.


Tip 1. Go on a positivity diet! Read inspirational books … watch motivational videos … and interact with people who motivate you forward toward your goals – which can include curating your social media feed with people who make you feel more POSITIVE about life … not plant seeds of fear and negativity. 


Tip 2. Surround yourself with like-minded people. This can be in Facebook YouTube groups or any online forums,even at the studio!


If you’re not part of my Facebook community, you can join it by responding to this post with #ForeverFreeFitness


Engage yourself in a community and feeling connected and supported is a HUGE advantage in getting back on-track and staying accountable. 


Tip 3. This one sounds counterintuitive, but if you are coming out of a period of inactivity, maybe you should thank it!


This is because the inactivity likely gave you two important pieces of info: 


First, it might have been something that wasn’t working for you. Why did the happen in the first place? 


Now you know what led to it – you have powerful data that can help you change things up!


And second, the inactivity also helped you realize how important it actually is to you to stay on-track, which can add fuel to your fire.

I realize how important it actually is to you to stay on-track, which can add real fuel to your fire.

4. Raise your energy level.


This applies to both your mind and your body. I’m talking about simple actions like going for a walk, getting some fresh air, reading some inspiring books, or listening to a motivational audible.


The idea is to bring some fresh and positive energy into your day, every day! Being intentional about this and seeking out that positive energy can be a game-changer. 


5. Change up your routine. Most of us like a little challenge in our lives – doing the same old, same old all the time doesn’t feel super exciting. It can make you feel like you’re in a rut.


If this sounds like you, try something new!


This new thing doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can be something simple like jogging between every other your walk, or buying an exotic fresh fruit at the grocery store. 


Just do something a little different, because it can reignite the fun factor.


6. Consider hiring a coach/mentor There’s nothing like getting a fresh perspective to help you refine, refocus, and refuel your motivation toward your goal! 


A coach can save you valuable time and effort, and also help you find options when roadblocks inevitably pop up along the way. This can be huge!


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