COACH LaTanya Settles

Having her own need and desire of obtaining balance in her life and ready for change, LaTanya whom at one time weighed over 200 pounds and suffered from postpartum depression, decided to take her life into her own hands. All of a sudden, a friend’s success inspired her to start on a fitness journey. Now, LaTanya is an award winning competitor in the health and fitness industry.

Through her success, Forever Free Fitness was sparked. LaTanya’s new found passion and love of health and wellness led her to want to share her knowledge and uplift, motivate and inspire other women to be healthy and fit.

Presently as a Group, Personal Trainer & Health Coach, her mission and vision is to help others attain, maintain, and sustain a healthy lifestyle by embracing fitness one body at a time.

Her specialty is the women over 30 plus age group who are interested in increasing strength through weight training. She uses a variety of programs that include a combination of weight training and cardio activities. Also her main concern is that “first we want to ensure that the client loves the skin they are in and then we want to hone in on what we would like to change and improve upon.

“Simply stated, I want to help others to create a lifestyle change and a better quality of life.”


  • Arrive at Collective Wellness Fitness.
  • Warm up for at least 7 minutes before coming to the main training area.
  • This is mandatory and really helps with minimizing injury. The most popular way to warm up is by using the treadmill.
  • Proceed to the main training area located in the back of the gym.
  • Find the Forever Free Fitness Family.
  • Train with the Family for 45 minutes.
  • Feel tired, strong, empowered, determined, and fantastic!
  • Repeat.
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