Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We give thanks to God for bringing us into the New Year!
It’s time to Renew, Recharge and Activate!
We’re moving forward, with our mind made up!
I have 5 tips, i like to share with you that keeps you moving forward.

1. Real food is medicine for you intenal organ-

Adaptogenic Herbs, did a body good. Locally grown fruits and veggies provide the micronutrients needed to keep your body and brain in balance, not processed pesticide-ridden gmo chemicals pretending to be food.  Aslo have you thought about gardening and prepare your own food?

2. We have to unplug ? What’s that you say! That’s hard for me to do.

Unplug to recharge – Were all the multi-tasking and the right now culture we’ve created, chronic sleep deprivation is a great risk factor for depression. also create quite calm places to pause, both at home and work. Your brain will thank you! Prayer, is always a 1st step. Get in a quiet space and share with God, what’s going on.

3.Purposeful pursuit in nutrition, prevention trumps treatment-

As we have all heard “Health and Wellness” is a problem in our community health disparities between blacks and whites run deep
For example, blacks have higher rates of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease than other groups. Also black children have a 500% higher death rate from asthma compared with white children.
Most of major health problems we see heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure/cholesterol, cancer, are much more amenable to preventive lifestyle strategies (nutrition, exercise, rest) than to expensive, quick fix medications.

4. Good relationships are vital to health-

Stress is toxic, and healthy relationships blunt the impact stress has on our health. This can cause for you needing to make some hard decisions. Changing your surroundings is one, as it involves saying no to people that aren’t fueling you to your goals. If it didn’t align, maybe it’s time to realign.

5.Real change is hard work.. But it’s worth it!

The health you desire is proportional to the wealthly lifestyle you can have, with the effort you put in. Quick weight loss and maximum intensity workouts programs often lead to illness and injury. Instead, invest in working with a health consultant, trainer, coach who will partner with you to take it meet you by challenge you in getting daily wins, and making the proper longter.
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