Why do we skip the gym?

Have you ever wondered “Why we skip the gym?”

Well,  studies show 75% of women reportedly would like to exercise more, but not making it to the gym- did you know that? While there were many reasons why skipping these pain killing, , sweaty sessions were given, the main reason boiled down to “fear of being judged.” (The main reason why I decided I  wanted to help women take their life back ), this was me!

With the overwhelming media hype of the perfect Body images, the crazehype of over the top exercises,/ workouts this would keep most out of the gym or from working out.

When trying to balance motherhood,  from the excitement of being pregnant, having the baby,  to raising the baby , then realizing and  embracing  the body changing, hips spreading, and not  feeling guilty being away from the family, what feels like, all the times.

not to mention Ladies, were being brainwashed by social media,  TV, magazines,  and all these commercial of miracle drugs, it’s overwhelming.
This fear can really intensify, if your new to exercise, or returning after a long break.

So what do we do next…
I believe I have a  tip or trick or two up my sleeve to share.

Try these tips to help you on your way:

– Find a  gym
– Ask around about a good trainer

– Use the buddy system

– Make sure you pack headphones( the Playlist makes a difference), a towel, a bottle of water

– Try a group fitness class

– Keep going, don’t stop

– Now don’t forget we’re all training for a reason!
Stay focused  on  “YOUR WHY”

Now let your transformation begin.
#FitForLife #ForeverFreeFitness

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