Welcome to the LoveOurHeart 7-Week
Fitness & Financial Program

Bring Empowerment and Inspiration into Your Journey of Holistic Wellness With Columbus City Schools

Transform Your Life in Just 7 Weeks with LaTanya and Kayla!

The LoveOurHeart Program is designed to guide you through a comprehensive, 7-week experience focused on enhancing your fitness and financial literacy.

Program Highlights:

  • Dynamic Learning: Engage with weekly in-person sessions designed to deepen your understanding and practice of wellness and financial management.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of LaTanya Settles, an expert fitness professional, and Kayla Feagin MBA, CFEI, a finance expert, while receiving guidance through each step of your journey.
  • Community Support: Enjoy a community of like-minded individuals with whom you can identify and who are committed to personal growth and holistic wellness.

What You Will Gain and Achieve:

  • Shift Your Mindset: Begin by reshaping your perspective on health and wealth, laying the foundation for long-term change.
  • Build a Robust Foundation: Learn life-changing wellness practices and financial principles to bring stability and fulfillment into your life.
  • Revitalize and Budget: Discover the synergy between physical vitality and financial health through practical exercises and budgeting techniques.
  • Balance and Grow: Encourage a balanced lifestyle by integrating fitness routines with debt management and savings strategies.
  • Track and Habituate: Monitor your progress in physical and financial wellness while fostering healthy financial habits for enduring well-being.
  • Review and Plan: Reflect on your journey, set ambitious long-term goals, and develop actionable plans for continuous improvement.
  • Celebrate Your Success: Complete your journey at the Fitness & Financial Wellness Jam, celebrating achievements and reinforcing the commitment to holistic wellness.

Program Details:

  • Program Duration: 7 weeks, starting April 17th, 2024, with sessions every Wednesday from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.
  • The class size is limited to 40 Columbus City School Staff participants to ensure the class participants receive personalized attention and a supportive community.
  • Register with us today! Secure your spot in this wellness journey and take the first step towards physical and financial transformation in your well-being.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to reshape your future, redefine wellness, and rebuild your financial strength with the LoveOurHeart 7-Week Fitness & Financial Program!

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